High Quality Hardwood Carts

  • Furniture quality construction with doweled mortise-and-tenon and dado joints give these tables an extra strength and resistance to twisting out of shape.
  • Towel bar/tool bar/handlebars on each end.
  • Large 4" caster wheels include a total lock brake on front wheels and are rated at 250 lbs. each.
  • Fully pre-finished with oil for use in any climate.
  • Comes in 8 Pieces. Pre-mounted Caster Wheels.

Asian Mahogany:

Our Asian Mahogany is a durable tropical hardwood. Because of its strength and durability it is very popular in applications requiring resistance to hard usage. It is often used in the construction of exterior walkways, hand railings and as decking on bridges. It is also used in considerable quantity in North America as decking for trucks and trailers.


Teak has superb stability, good strength and excellent resistance to rot and decay. It is no wonder that Teak is among the most desired lumbers in the world. It is used for furniture, veneer and exterior construction. It is perhaps best well known for its use in ship and boat building for thousands of years. A suitable vessel to bear the world’s finest kamado!


Granite Carts

Granite Material: